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Export of all kinds of steel products, including hot and cold sheets, colored, galvanized, tin-plated, all kinds of rebar, steel ingots, as well as all kinds of steel sections from different sources, including the producers of Kazakhstan, Russia, China, India, etc. directly. or according to the customer's request

Steel slab

The use of steel slabs in buildings is very popular among engineers and builders due to its light weight, long life, flexibility and recyclability. This slab also has the ability to connect to other components such as concrete and ceramics, which increases the strength and stability of structures.
Our slab suppliers have one of the most equipped and modern continuous casting lines in the world.
Width: 1,000 to 2,000 mm
Thickness: 195 to 250 mm
Types of grades of manufactured products: EN10025, API5L, JIS 3112, ASTM A36, A572

Steel ingots

Steel ingot is one of the most important steel products used in various industries. Types of steel ingots include square ingots, rectangular ingots, and round ingots, each of which has unique uses and characteristics.
Square ingots with high strength and suitable welding capability are used in manufacturing industrial parts and metal structures. Rectangular ingots with high strength and flexibility are used to make car parts, machinery and household appliances. And round ingots are used in the construction industry, machine building and production of metal parts due to the convenience in the production process and various applications.

rebar coil

Rebar coil is one of the vital components in the construction industry, which is used to connect and stabilize rebars. Types of rebar coils include normal coils, screw coils, and bent screw coils, each with unique uses and characteristics that they play in connecting structures and different industries.
Rebar coil with high strength and strong connection, allows engineers and builders to build various structures and industries with confidence. This diversity in types of rebar coils allows engineers to choose the best option according to the specific needs of each project and to create strong connections.


Briquette is actually the same as sponge iron (Direct Reduced Iron), with the difference that it is compressed during production. Sponge iron briquettes can be divided into three categories. Hot sponge iron briquettes, cold sponge iron briquettes and soft sponge iron briquettes. Today, briquettes are widely used in steel making units all over the world.
Briquette is the term used for compressed sponge iron. Pressed iron is used to produce steel, and this process results in higher quality steel being produced. In other words, it can be said that compressed sponge iron or briquette has replaced the raw material of steel production and it is used instead of iron waste in factories. This product is produced in three types: cold, warm and soft, and their characteristics and properties are different.


Iron pellets are called pellet iron ore in English, and they are actually small balls of iron ore that are used in steel production. In the past, the powders obtained from iron ore extraction were considered unnecessary and were not used; But with the invention of pelletizing, these materials are prepared with the help of pellet technology, which is used as raw material and feed for direct regeneration furnaces and blast furnaces.

hot plate

Hot sheet is one of the main types of steel sheets that are produced using the hot working process. Types of hot sheet include iron hot sheet, stainless steel hot sheet and aluminum hot sheet, each with unique characteristics and applications that are used in different industries.
Hot iron sheet with high strength and excellent connection and welding ability is used in construction, automotive and home appliance manufacturing industries. Stainless steel hot plate with high resistance to corrosion and heat is used in food, medical and automotive industries. Aluminum hot sheet with light weight, high corrosion resistance and excellent thermal conductivity is used in aviation, automotive and packaging industries.

Galvanized sheet

Galvanized sheet is one of the most widely used types of steel sheets, which is produced by coating the zinc layer on the ordinary sheet. Types of galvanized sheet include simple galvanized sheet, colored galvanized sheet and anti-corrosion galvanized sheet, each with unique characteristics and applications used in different industries. Simple galvanized sheet with zinc coating on steel sheet protects against corrosion and rust and is used in construction and automotive industries. Colored galvanized sheet with permanent color coating prevents water absorption and corrosion and is suitable for use in various buildings and packaging. The anti-corrosion galvanized sheet with magnesium coating is used in special environments that face corrosion.

Steel plate

Steel plate is one of the basic products of the metal industry, which is used in many industries and buildings. Types of steel plate include soft steel plate, hard steel plate and anti-wear steel plate, each with unique characteristics and applications that are used in different industries.
Soft steel plate with flexibility and adjustable thickness is used in construction industry, automobile manufacturing and household appliance production. Hard steel plate with high strength and resistance to pressure and impact is used in construction, machinery and sports equipment industries. Anti-wear steel plate with suitable coating is used in marine, oil and gas and chemical industries.