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Business Partners


The steel industry has always enjoyed a strategic position in the European Union, a position that has led to the production of innovation, growth and job creation. As a well-known brand in Europe, we have exported a variety of steel products through the port of Antwerp to Germany (the largest producer of pipe and profile products), Italy, Holland, France, Belgium and Switzerland.


ASEAN countries are known as the engine of economic growth at the international level. We are the leading exporter of steel products to the largest roll and tension factories in these countries, especially Indonesia. Also, large factories that consume wide steel sheets are our regular customers in countries such as India, Thailand, Philippines and China.

Middle East and Africa

We have exported steel products to a wide range of Middle Eastern and African countries, including Oman, UAE, Syria, Pakistan, Kuwait, Sudan, Libya and Qatar, and these factories are always interested in our products despite the competitive price and excellent quality. to long-term cooperation.