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Importing all kinds of steel products, including hot and cold sheets, colored, galvanized, tin-plated, all kinds of rebar, steel ingots, and all kinds of steel sections from different sources, including the producers of Kazakhstan, Russia, China, India, etc., directly or according to the customer's request

Graphite electrode

Graphite electrode is a part that is used to transfer high current of electricity to electric arc furnaces in order to melt metal charge, and this part is used in factories that operate with electric arc method.

Special sheets for automobile manufacturing

Reasons for using sheets in automobile manufacturing Although the automotive industry is moving from the traditional side to the modern side, but still, humanity has not been able to find a suitable replacement for this sheet. Some of the unique features of steel that make this industry one of its undisputed customers are as follows:
High durability and strength of steel High durability is one of the reasons for using sheets in automobile manufacturing. High durability in any industry can be associated with many advantages for that industry. If you compare steel and aluminum, you will also realize that steel has higher resistance characteristics and can thus meet many needs of the automotive industry. If the car manufacturers can provide a car with high durability and reasonable price to the applicants, they will be able to obtain customer satisfaction in the best possible way. Controlling the price of steel and using quality steel in car production can make factories active in this field use all their efforts to provide the best product.
The use of sheets in automobile manufacturing not only affects the automobile industry, but can also bring advantages to car buyers. The use of durable steel in the production of cars can increase the life of vehicles and does not impose additional and additional costs on buyers. Environmentally friendly Another advantage of using sheet metal in automobile manufacturing is its high compatibility with the environment. Usually products and materials that can be recycled and used several times are called environmentally friendly products or materials. Steel is also one of the materials that can be recycled and can leave the best performance in the environmental cycle. In addition, it is good to know that this metal will not face a reduction in mechanical properties as a result of recycling, and this advantage has made many industries benefit from the presence of steel sheets today.
High security in steel Another advantage of sheet metal in automotive industry is its high security. The presence of characteristics such as high hardness, high level of strength and mechanical properties. This metal can absorb a high amount of energy and protect the lives of passengers in traffic accidents. High flexibility Among other reasons for the use of sheets in automobile manufacturing, we can mention its high flexibility. This feature helps car designers and manufacturers to perform shaping and changing operations in parts such as cabin or body easily and not face any restrictions in the meantime.

Types of sheets in automobile manufacturing and the characteristics of each All kinds of steel sheets are used in different parts of a car, including chassis, brakes, wheels, pillars, roof, engine, body panels and exhaust system. Among their types in the automotive industry, the following can be mentioned. Stainless steel sheet This product is of 304 alloy type and is considered among the most efficient and useful products in this industry. They use it in making parts such as foil, wire, pipe and belt. Galvanized sheet This product is highly resistant to corrosion and salts in water. Another advantage of this sheet is its uniform appearance and flexibility. Its thickness is between 0.4 and 2 mm and it is usually offered in widths of 800 to 1800 mm. It is good to know that this product also has high color resistance.
ASTM A36 sheet ASTM A36 sheet is produced by hot rolling method and it is widely used in the construction of car body. oiled sheet This steel section is produced under cold rolling process and is used in the construction of the body. In making square sections, this product shows great efficiency. Cold sheet has high color acceptability, remarkable welding ability can be seen from it, and it is considered a very suitable option in the construction of cars. Sheet C1010 This product is used in making car body components. Among its advantages, it can be mentioned that it is suitable for welding. C1010 sheet is produced by hot rolling and cold rolling. DP steel sheet The chemical compounds and the thermal cycle performed in this product have caused two phases of ferrite and martensite to exist in its structure. Martensite has high hardness and strength and is among the newest materials used in the automobile industry. TRIP steel sheet TRIP steel sheet, due to its special structure; It has advantages such as impact resistance, forming ability, lengthening, etc. They usually use this product a lot to make the body of new cars. Medium carbon sheet This product has capabilities such as machining, heat treatment and cold stretching, one of the common types of which is 1045 steel, and thus it is one of the types of sheets in automobile manufacturing. This type of steel is usually used in the construction of the axles of heavy machines. To know about the types of steel used in the automotive industry, you can read Steel is an important and inseparable member of the automotive industry. An important issue that we discussed in this text was the reasons and application of sheet metal in automobile manufacturing. These products have many advantages, including high corrosion resistance, high safety, light weight, and flexibility. Of course, it is good to know that many types of steel are used in this industry and with