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Charter and policy

Charter of rights of customers

  • We consider the customer as our greatest asset and we will spare no efforts to satisfy them;
  • We consider it our duty to have a decent and friendly interaction with the customer;
  • We believe that listening to the customer is the most important principle in effective communication;
  • We consider it their right to be honest in interaction and maintain the confidentiality of customer information;
  • We believe that it is the right of the customer that if she is dissatisfied with the service, her complaint will be dealt with as soon as possible and with complete care.

Code of ethics of employees

  • Respecting the human rights and dignity of people and respecting their privacy and status.
  • Organizational behavior based on adherence to the law in line with the company's vision and missions.
  • Adherence to religious values and values and respect for grooming and appearance.
  • Efforts to increase scientific and professional capabilities with the aim of improving the quality of services provided.
  • Having work conscience, discipline, integrity, criticism, responsibility and loyalty to the interests of the company.
  • Keeping the secrets and confidential information of the company and not disclosing it outside the rules and regulations.
  • Refusing to submit documents and documents to persons who do not have the right to receive them and disclosing customer information.
  • Precedence of company interests over individual interests in case of any conflict of interests.
  • Correct and optimal use of the company's facilities and assets and their preservation and protection.
  • Being on time at the workplace and being punctual in dealing with colleagues and clients and being polite and polite towards them.
  • Performing tasks effectively and efficiently, with speed and in accordance with company rules.

System policy

  • Organizational achievement of sustainable development and knowledge-based resistance economy
  • Efforts to create jobs and attract local people in deprived and host areas
  • Maintaining compliance with social responsibilities and protection from the aspects of: human, safety, environment and improving working environment conditions
  • Continuous communication and extensive interaction with customers in providing services related to continuous improvement in quality, price and suitable terms of product delivery
  • Strategic marketing and increasing the share of products in domestic and foreign markets and improving customer satisfaction
  • Improving investment and financial strength and profitability in accordance with the production chain and protecting the rights of the beneficiaries
  • Focusing on knowledge management and valuing experiences, knowledge and organizational ability
  • Evaluation and use of reliable and selected suppliers of goods and services
  • Training and upgrading the skills and capabilities of managers and employees
  • Improving the level of productivity in all existing processes and capacities

In conclusion, the management and all employees of Arin Folad Gharb Company and its subsidiary companies are committed to follow and know the organizational policy with all their efforts and ability to comply with the organizational principles and regulations and respect human dignity and fulfill their responsibilities in line with He is diligent in the realization of organizational goals and plans and in line with the continuous improvement of assigned matters.